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  1. The most advanced air handler on the market

It has 7 air filtering stages: Pre-filter, EEPA filter, activated carbon filter, active TiO2 photocatalyst filter, ultraviolet light, ionic system, ozone system.

1.-Pre Filter: The prefilter is a thick filter, a mesh with very small slits

The function of the pre-filter is to capture larger dust, preserve and prolong The function of the pre-filter is to capture larger dust, preserve and prolong the life of filters

2.-HEPA filter : H12 filter with high microorganism retention performance

made with specially developed materials to achieve high efficiency in antibacterial action, reduces tobacco smoke and essentially bacteria and germs

3.-Activated carbon filter : Deodorizing function; reduces unpleasant odors

(e.g. humidity) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

4-Active Photocalyst TiO2 Filter : The TiO2 (nano photocatalytic) filter is a grid that is formed of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) material. It is based on the principle of titanium dioxide properties

5.-Ultraviolet Light : It has been scientifically proven that the rays of UV light destroy microorganisms, but require exposure time and radiation on viruses and bacteria. In the air purifier, microorganisms fly quite quickly around the UV lamp

6.- Ionization : Generates negative ions in order to bring down particles in suspension.

7.-Ozone Production : With an ozone production of 600mg/hour, three times that of an ordinary household ozone machine, and a disinfection area of ​​up to 250m2, the disinfection rate is as high as 99.97%

OZONE output: 600mg/h

Recognized worldwide as a broad-spectrum bactericidal disinfectant.